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Add beautiful music to your
fairytale wedding.


What better way to make your wedding even more magical than by having one or several musicians play your favorite song? Your special moment will freeze in time as your most beloved love song is played while you walk down the aisle. If you would like violinists to accompany your piano selection, for example, Isabelle will simplify your wedding plans and take care of finding the right musicians for you!

Here is just a sample of appropriate wedding melodies:

  • Canon de Pachelbel;
  • Quand on n’a que l’amour (Jacques Brel);
  • L’essentiel (Ginette Reno);
  • J’t’aime tout court (Nicola Ciccone);
  • L’hymne à l'amour (Édith Piaf);
  • From This Moment On (Shania Twain);
  • etc.

There are many other songs that can be played during your special day. Contact Isabelle today to build a repertoire tailored to you musical tastes. With literally any song, we can make your dream wedding come true!